Due to technical difficulties experienced by a large number of applicants, we have extended the application deadline to November 23rd, 2015, midnight, and created a google form version of the application. If you have experienced difficulty filling out the application form on VC4Africa, please use this google form version of the application instead



With over 200 businesses funded in our first batch: Ignite1, we are looking to enroll our next batch of Ignited entrepreneurs who will make up the cohort of Ignite2.

We are seeking talented, creative and dedicated young people who have a business or an idea that they believe can become a successful company.

Applications open from October 20th – November 16th 2015

Create an Account

You will be redirected to Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A) where you will be required to create an account before applying. This account will be used to validate your application and further activities will be performed on the account.

Fill the application form

Do you have a feasible business idea that will meet a need? Have you created your profile on VC4A? To enter for the competition, you will have to fill out the application form on the Ignite Ideas page on VC4A website.

Review Application and Submit

After filling out the form, you should carefully review your application before final submission.



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